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Attend a workshop - or invite Angela to speak at your event/school/conference
  1. Structure
    Structure makes or breaks your work of art. Whether it's a book or a movie. Learn how to structure your work before you write it, or how to rewrite it within a structure if it's already completed. If you want long-term success, take the time to get it right FIRST before it's published.
  2. Scrivener
    The best tool for writers since the first home computer. Save time and money writing and formatting your own manuscript. Keep all your research, notes, photos and manuscript in one place and learn how Angela sets targets and keeps motivated.
  3. Book Trailer Tips of the Trade
    WOW - Even on a budget. Learn how to create your own trailer, whether it's for a book, school project, or speaking engagement introduction.
  4. Edit Your Masterpiece by Piece
    Wave a magic wand over your manuscript with this step-by-step workshop. Get it looking sharp before anyone else sees it. Save time and money by doing most of the hard work yourself with Angela's favourite editing tool - ProWritingAid
  5. Create A Deeper Experience
    We have more than five senses. Amplify your characters emotions and motivations by writing deeper POV (Point of View) using all your character's sensory experiences. Angela will teach you how many we really have and how to use them all to take your readers deeper into your story, where they can truly experience the journey.
  6. Manuscript Diet - Superfluous to Superb
    Does your manuscript need to loose weight? This word diet won't hurt and you'll see results instantly. Cut out the redundant words that are weakening your story and take your work of art from superfluous to superb.



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